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The founder developed polytetrafluoroethylene non-stick  coating in the past. From 2002 to 2003, 3M Company and the environmental groups in the U.S.A. reported that polytetrafluoro- ethylene non-stick coating was toxic and endangered our environment. After our profound understanding of the facts and by virtue of the related literature, our firm resolutely abandoned our mature manufacturing technology on polytetrafluoroethylene products although our R&D team had more than 15 years experience in the field of heat resistant and non-stick paint for cooking pans. We, making every effort, pitched in with the research and development in the new domain.

Under the exertion by our R&D team for three years, we succeeded in developing nano-ceramic paint for our products. Over past few years NUWAY has been devoted to promoting a new life with nano-ceramic products, conscientiously discharged our social responsibilities, and guided the customers to pay attention to the issue of global warming. We hope our effort could provide our customers with a healthy new world.

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